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Bio-Recovery Services of America has an extremely unique niche in the bioremediation and restoration industries. We are a service that will clean and restore an area in the home, business, or other crime/ trauma scene that has been affected by the presence of biological or infectious waste.   Areas such as unattended deaths, cases of accidents, methamphetamine laboratory contamination, bird waste, toxic mold, sewage backups and Anthrax contamination.

We provide a valuable twenty-four hour service that spares family, friends and employees the painstaking burden of cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing. We also rid the scene of any unwelcome or unpleasant reminders.

Blood spills in the home or business are just as dangerous as those same spills in a hospital. Blood spills that occur in hospitals are cleaned by a technician in full protective clothing, eye protection, gloves and mask. Highly potent cleaning chemicals and disinfectants are employed, and the task is relatively simple due to the hospitals stainless steel and tile surfaces. Contrast this with a home environment having wood furniture, carpet, fabrics, acoustic ceilings and plasterboard walls to soak up and hold large amounts of fluid. Here, untrained, unprotected family members using household detergents and towels are being left to attempt to render their environment safe for themselves and their children. The disparity is clear.



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