Public Safety Agencies

Public safety agencies need to have a complete understanding why it is imperative that this new industry, Bio-Recovery Restoration, should be made available to the public. Public safety agencies need to know that there are unaddressed issues facing the public when a death or trauma occurs. Whether by natural causes, homicide, suicide, belated discovery deaths, as well as when accidents occur, these situations present health hazards and emotional stress.

The mission of all law enforcement agencies is the protection and safety of their citizens. Law enforcement personnel are aware of the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard 29 CFR 1910.1030, but the public is not. Bloodborne pathogens are potentially infectious, and Universal Precautions must be taken. When tragedy strikes, there should not be a conflict of interests when it comes to the health, safety and emotional support that is needed by your citizens.

At present, there is very little regulation for blood spills in homes. Furthermore, most family members do not want to, and should not be, subjected to "clean-up" the blood and/or tissue of their loved ones. It is a kindness and a courtesy to inform property owners that there are bio-recovery companies who will discretely handle these types of incidents. This compassionate aid will help to relieve shattered family members of a second emotional trauma. Many progressive police agencies around the country are now providing this information as part of their "victim's assistance" programs, and have received high praise from civic and victim support groups.



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